Reinventing Reclaimed Jewelry


Reusing - Reinvention - Repairs

Much of my work is designed from recycled pieces that have been paid forward to me, saved from the sad existence of never being worn, landfill or dusty corners of jewelry boxes. 

Whether it’s a single earring missing its mate, a broken or unfixable piece, a piece you’ve outgrown, no longer enjoy, or perhaps wish was a bit different, that might be reimagined, Repurposing leather, or those old guitar strings, the possibilities are endless!

Do you have sentimental or favorite pieces, such as a single earring missing its mate, a broken piece, or perhaps an item you’ve outgrown and no longer enjoy but wish was a bit different?  Email, with pictures of the jewelry in need of an upgrade and we can schedule a Reimagining Consultation.  Who knows we might be able to transform them into something new and put it back in rotation!


Donation Program - Currently Accepting Donations!

Yes, we ABSOLUTELY accept jewelry donations and strive to reuse as much as we can so that Nothing is wasted.  All types of jewelry from personal collections, estate sales costume pieces, silver and silver plated utensils, and even lone earrings that have lost their mate.  If you have items that you wish to donate or pay forward, drop us a message at to coordinate pickup or shipping (we'll cover the shipping cost).  

Join me in saving the planet one piece of Jewelry at a time. 

From materials, production, packaging and studio practices, every aspect of my work is centered around a commitment to minimizing the impact on both mother earth and my fellow humans. It is a work in progress and never perfect, as we continue to research and identify sources for sustainable, reuse or use up what have on hand, or recycle packing or raw materials. 

Returning Your Packaging 
As part of our commitment to our planet, we've made it as simple as possible to
 return your delivery packaging to us, we’ll cover the cost, as reusing is priority over recycling ♻️

1.     Tape up your box and any packing materials you wish to return.

2.     Stick the return shipping label (provided) over the existing one.  If another label is needed, drop us an email at and we‘ll email you another.

3.     Drop the package at your nearest USPS location or mail drop box. 

If for any reason returning the packaging isnt convenient for you: You can still use your local curbside recycling service - remember, all of our the cardboard packaging can be recycled, where recycling is available.

Using Gold
Why don’t I use more Gold in my work?  A few things, first Gold is expensive, and I'm committed to keeping costs down for my customers, the second is I've been learning more about the gold mining industry and how it can be harmful to the environment. Besides using explosives deep inside the Earth to extract the gold ore, this industry is also known to pollute the water. In order to get the gold out of the gold-bearing rock, a solvent is needed. Much of the time, that solvent is cyanide that ends up contaminating the earth and the water. Thumbs down for me on both accounts.

By upcycling jewelry instead of purchasing new raw materials and using more sustainable sourced metals, such as silver, brass, and copper, many of your new favorite pieces are born while minimizing the environment on our planet.

Every little bit no matter how small, makes an impact.