Hello There!


About Mrs. Bee

I'm Jeri Bee a lifelong creative human living in Oregon and a  maker from an early age.  My mom recounting the stories of my first greeting card line at 6 years old and at 10 inventing my first jewelry pieces from a jumbo bag of primary colored buttons I’d been gifted. The bracelets and necklaces were all the rage, it was the 80’s after all!  From that day forward I was hooked! #dontstopbelieving

I believe everyone has a creative voice via one medium or another and fostering creativity is vital to navigating the journey of life.

My practical approach is reflected in fresh minimalistic poetry and nature-inspired jewelry, sprinkled with a welcoming down-to-earth instruction style. When I'm not teaching silversmith basics, I'm creating jewelry that weaves together my love of nature, poetry and life experiences.  Each unique piece conveying a story and intentionality, with a commitment to affordability and designing jewelry that is both artistic and accessible to all. 

What I believe to be true

  • Community is the bedrock of our lives
  • Everyone is inherently creative
  • Sharing, learning, and making mistakes together is essential to growth  
  • Protecting our planet is everyone's responsibility
  • Throw love and kindness at it, whatever it is, and it's sure to stick