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About Mrs. Bee

I'm Jeri Bee and live in Oregon with my husband and two teenage children and a lifelong creative human.  I've been a maker from an early age. My mom retells the story, how in 1st grade, I designed my first greeting card line and in 5th, created my first jewelry pieces from a huge bag of buttons I’d been gifted.  The bracelets and necklaces, were all the rage, it was the 80’s after all.  #dontstopbelieving

I've explored extensive creative interests over the years ranging from poetry, photography, card making, jewelry making, candles, screen printing, crochet, just to name a few.  Always returning to jewelry and a desire to learn silversmithing. 

Finally, In 2017 signed up for an intro evening class, began pouring over books, watching endless YouTube videos, collecting the tools, and the rest is history.


I'm happiest when making or creating with others.  I believe we all have a creative voice, in whatever form or medium it takes and fostering our creativity is vital to navigating through life, influences academic support, our resiliency to overcome challenges not to mention adds enrichment to our lives.

Whether it's facilitating workshops, having friends over for creative time, teaching camps for teens, or attending pop-up markets, building connection through creativity is what I live for.  

I'm excited to be hosting and teaching again, and both the new studio and classroom are amazing!  Check the calendar for upcoming events and class dates!  If you have a specific date in mind, reach out to me, email, DM, etc. and let's see if its workable.    Let's Bee Creative together. 

What I believe to be true

  • Community is the bedrock of our lives
  • Everyone is inherently creative
  • Sharing, learning, and making mistakes together is essential to growth  
  • Protecting our planet is everyone's responsibility
  • Throw love and kindness at it, whatever it is, and it's sure to stick
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