Donations are Rad!

The Bee Creative Studio graciously accepts donations

Below is a not at all inclusive list of materials the Bee Creative Studio we will readily accept should we not have an abundance on hand.  If you have items on this list or other notions:  Donate

Recyclable and household thinga-majigs 

yarn, thread, string
scrapbook and other decorative papers
old magazines
unused wall paper scraps
small cardboard boxes
gift boxes
corrugated cardboard
mixing cups; small metal/heavy plastic
wire, pipe cleaners, string
wood scraps
fabric scraps
tissue paper
wrapping paper
plastic lids
bottle caps
push pins
leather pieces or clothing
steel guitar strings


Art materials, supplies and tools the studio could use more of:

scissors of all sizes
paint brushes
crochet or knitting needles, supplies
felting needles and supplies
Mod Podge
adhesives and tape
wire and wire cutters
acrylic and water paints
pencils and markers
oil pastels
blank canvases
cutting mats
light boxes
hot glue gun and sticks
hole punches