Creative Camps - Silversmithing for Teens (grades 6-12)

Mission: Investing in the creatives of tomorrow and transforming lives through the power of creative mentorship and peer support in a hands-on creative environment

  • Spring Break – Creative Minds
    • Tues -Thurs 3/28-3/30/23 10:00-4:00a  $425 : Register
  • Summer Break – Creative Minds
    • M-Th [2023 Dates Pending]10:00-4:00a  $525  : Register
  • Winter Break - Unlock the Heart of Creativity
    • M-T 12/21-12/22/2022 10:00a-3:00a  $385 :  Register
  • New Year – Creative Reflections
    • 12/28-12/30/2022: 10:00a to 3:00a, $425 : Register
Space limited to 5 participants, ages 12 and up
All Supplies included (full descriptions below)
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Spring and Summer Break : Creative Minds  


This unique camp offers the opportunity to explore many different mediums, and primarily the basics of metal smithing, metal patination (the art of applying artistic patina to copper metal), in an inclusive, friendly, and relaxed environment.  Class emphasis is always on the whole person, creative development and personal growth and is for ALL skill levels and experience. 

In addition to working in a creative environment, the advantages for students learning the basics of silversmithing (metal smithing) includes hand-eye coordination, strengthening their artistic voice, and developing knowledge in subjects such as geometry, chemistry, metal fabrication and engineering.

Students are not limited to silversmithing, the classroom provides a space to expand their creative expression. Projects have been known to change, depending on available materials and inspiration of the student.  Along with silversmithing other exercises include creating a Creative Voice multi-media collage, photography, paper crafts, creative writing and more. 

    Winter Break Camp: Unlocking the Heart of Creativity


    In this unique camp participants will choose and complete a creative project while learning the basics of silversmithing, that explores the interconnectedness and intersection of creativity, gratitude, generosity, and kindness. This silversmithing class is for beginners, as well as repeat students who have completed a different silversmithing camp/workshop.  Students will be encouraged to identify as special person in their life and design and create a gift that embodies their thankfulness for that person.

    *(15% of all tuition will be donated to NW Housing Alternatives, to support families experiencing housing insecurity)

    New Year Holiday Camp : Creative Reflections 


    The past couple of years has been especially challenging for so many of our youth.  As we approach a new year, it can be empowering to reflect and express our reflections and intentions creatively.  Participants will explore their ups, downs, ah-ha’s, and insights of the past year and choose an intention for the year and design and create a personalized talisman to hang, wear or carry with them as they step boldly and powerfully into a new year.  This silversmithing class is for beginners, as well as repeat students who have completed a different silversmithing camp/workshop. 

    General Camp Information

    Camps are held in person at the Bee Creative Classroom & Studio, in Lake Oswego, OR. 

    Camp Foundations

    Camps are designed on the foundation of exploring the BFF's (Best Friends Forever) and Kryptonite of Creativity and the practice of cultivating a lifelong relationship with their own distinct creative voice.  

      • Cultivating Curiosity and how it widens the channels of creativity and expression. 
      • Befriending Perfectionism, when to use it and when to lose it.  
      • Failure and why it is important. Getting comfortable with the rule of ten mishaps to one success.  
      • How Play and Work go hand in hand, and how to embrace both as part of the creative process. 

    Camps Include

    • Dedicated classroom, loaded with art supplies and materials
    • The instructors know how, creativity and sense of humor 
    • All instructional and raw materials, and tools

        Safety First

        Safety Equipment jokingly referred to as "Riot Gear" fire extinguisher, goggles, aprons, and first aid kit are available. (Instructor is Red Cross First Aid and CPR certified

        Protective aprons and safety glasses that fit over existing eyewear are provided.  

        Face covering/N-95’s is encouraged to keep you from inhaling dust particles and or fumes that might be generated.

        Given we will be working with a variety of tools, that could include hot surfaces, open flame torches, hammers, and sharps.

        • Hands and nails will potentially get scraped or dinged 
        • Loose hair should be pulled back and out of the student’s face
        • Short sleeves are best, if not, then loose or long sleeves that can be pulled up
        • Closed toed shoes are encouraged

        If students have knowingly been exposed to someone with COVID within 7 days of the workshop, or are experiencing any of the typical symptoms, cough, etc. Let the Instructor know,  so we can make choices around attendance and masking preferences.


        Jeri Bee lives in Lake Oswego, OR with her husband and two teen children and is a life-long maker, teacher, and overall creative human, believing every human has a creative voice and inspires others to find and cultivate theirs, however it might look.  Creativity is Life!  Learn more...

        A Few Other Things

        The classroom is well-ventilated and lit, with forced heat/air and can accommodate at least 5 students and two instructors comfortably.  A fully working silversmithing studio and an outdoor covered patio may also be utilized.

        If we choose to be outside, students are required to provider their own rain slicker, coat, hat, sun protection, and lunch/snacks and water bottle.  Participants supply their own lunch, snacks, and water bottle. (This is not a nut allergy safe space)

        We will take a 30-minute break for lunch and refuel and take two scheduled breaks as well.

        Plan for drop off and pickup kiddos promptly at camp designated start and end times. 


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