doTerra Wellness Advocate

If you love Essential Oils and... 

  • Would like to create your own schedule and work from your laptop
  • Achieve financial freedom for you and your family
  • Perhaps you enjoy using essential oils, but don’t want to make it a full or part-time thing, but every now and again you share about your experience with essential oils and a friend or family members wants to try them. This is a great way to earn without having to put in a ton of work.

If you're feeling a "You Betcha", then read on for more info.  If you are simply looking to purchase some oils for personal use, you can visit the Essential Oils page on this site for more details.  

One thing I love about doTerra is that you can become a Wellness Advocate without an outrageous investment and pressure.  

When joining the doTerra team, you'd have the same opportunity to create an complimentary income stream. Our team will also provides training for you to kickstart your business and work towards your goal of becoming an entrepreneur.

Essential oils are not just oils that smell nice, but oils you can use for your health & wellness, self-care for your family, and for your home. In addition to the oils they offer an array of beauty, wellnes and supplement products.

If you love essential oils at all I'd recommend signing up as a Wellness Advocate.

When you do, you’ll automatically get the best pricing and the benefits that come with sharing about these amazing oils. Watch a brief video here to learn more about choosing doTerra.  

A Little about being a Wellness Advocate

Like I mentioned above, doTerra really supports their advocates and makes things easy and provides excellent support and offer many benefits. Watch a brief video here to learn more about being a Wellness Advocate.

  • There are no monthly orders required
  • You'll receive wholesale pricing (25% discount) on all product purchases
  • You qualify for Loyalty Rewards Program, which gives you 10-30% off your monthly purchase back in FREE products. (mind-blowing really)
  • Eligible to receive FREE Product of the Month
  • Earn compensation and bonuses for sharing about essential oil products with others
  • Able to sign up new Wholesale Customers and Wellness Advocates

If cost is a consideration, doTerra offers a variety of enrollment kits to suite your needs to get you started.  This is the one thing that helped me jump in. I was able to choose the enrollment kit that worked best for met my needs and didn’t break the bank, so I could get started.  

So which kit should you buy?  To be honest, I suggest you buy the kit that is a price point that is affordable to you. Remember, earlier I said, “no outrageous investment”, here’s where that comes in. You invest, what fits best in your budget.

Ordering Your Kit and Getting Started is Easy

  1. Go to my doTERRA essential oils website here
  2. Click “Join & Save” in the top navigation
  3. Select your language and country
  4. Choose Wellness Advocate – NOT Preferred Member
  5. Enter your information. As a Wellness Advocate, you’ll enter your Tax ID for tax purposes if you ever share the oils to earn income. It’s secure and private.
  6. At Enroller ID, enter my number: 6783166 (It should show the name, BeeCreativePDX). Then click verify.
  7. Create a password and read & accept the terms. Then hit Continue.
  8. Select your kit
  9. Enter your credit card information and process your order. That’s it!!
  10. You’ll receive an email with your ID number and link to sign in to the MyOffice.
  11. Within 24 hours, you will also receive a Welcome Email from me, to kickstart your training.

Make sure to check your spam folder if you have not received your email with your ID number or Welcome Email from me.

Q: Are there any monthly minimums?

Nope! If your plan is to just use the oils (without sharing or selling) there is no minimum. A great number of Wellness Advocates are users only and never sell the oils.

If you want to receive commissions for sharing or selling the oils, the monthly minimum is about $100. Again, that’s ONLY if you plan to sell the oils. If you plan to use the oils exclusively, no minimums are required.

Q: Any hidden fees?

There is an initial $35 signup fee, in which you'll receive a complimentary bottle of peppermint essential oil valued at $22.00. There is also $25/year fee to keep your Wholesale Account open. This applies whether you choose to be a Wellness Advocate or Wholesale Customer.

Q: What if I'm not interested in a starter kit?

This is not a problem! Just open an account (choose Wellness Advocate or Wholesale Customer) with the $35 Essential Oil Introductory Enrollment Packet and add whatever oils you’d like to your first order.

Please email me with any questions you might have: