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Bee Creative PDX

Leopard Agate Sterling Silver Hair Fork

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Jewelry for your hair that is unique, modern, and functional and are great for everyday wear. These designs inspired by the mystery and strength of the ocean.

Each hair fork is unique in its own way, and filed, formed, and designed by hand using 10g Jeweler’s brass and pure copper. Work hardened for strength with all edges are smoothed for a snag safe hold.

With a brushed finish and approx. 3-6" inches in length, these durable, reusable, and convenient tool creates a variety of bun-based hair styles and for any hair type. Strong and minimalist, hair forks/pins are curved for a secure hold as it takes the shape of the wearers head.  

Tutorials are available on line for various ways to weave and secure them.

  • Made with 2.59mm -10 gauge Jeweler’s Brass and pure Copper, or 12 gauge work hardened Sterling Silver
  • Each pin if from 3-5 inches in length and approximately 1-1 ½ in width at the widest point
  • Tarnish may occur over time but can be managed with the polishing kit included with each order.