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Earrings: Going in Circles - Shape of Things Collection SALE

Regular price $19.50 USD
Regular price $25.50 USD Sale price $19.50 USD
  • Available in both Handmade and fabricated versions 
  • Length: 1 to 3 inches from top of ear wire to base
  • Materials: Silver and Gold plated, Copper and Brass 

These minimal and modern shaped earrings are a customer favorite at the markets, the Shape of Things Collection is now available online! Silver and gold plated, Brass and Copper basic shapes and range from 1" to 3" in length (from the top of the ear wire to base).  Each pair uses a variety of hardware, some fabricated and others handmade.  Like shapes, then check out the entire collection.  

Lightweight and comfortable.

See the complete Collection here: