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Lariat/Rope Chain with one-of-a-kind embellishments using a combination of handmade hardware, upcycled jewelry pieces, some new finds, and natural gemstones.


  • Durable brass 1mm-2mm Sterling Silver, Brass, Copper, Sterling silver plated brass, Stainless steel
  • Length from 30-36”
  • Hypoallergenic and totally nickel free (tested)
  • Unique up-cycled, repurposed jewelry pieces. 

Personalize with a variety of pendants, giving it a personal touch. It’s a perfect combination to give as a gift to a special person or for yourself  

For instructions on using with essential oils, check the Jewelry Care and Sizing page.  How long the felt heart will hold the oil fragrance depends on the concentration of the oil and the absorbency and size of the bead.

Email with any questions, issues or customs asks. 



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